Hi there! I’m Beth

I’m a mom, gardener, runner, and school based occupational therapist turned parent advocate.

My passion is to erase the frustration and confusion from a parent’s IEP experience and replace it with understanding and confidence.

I believe you can’t advocate for your child unless you know about how the system works first.

I’m here to teach you what you need to know so you can do what you need to do for your child.

“I am now confident on the process and know what to expect!”

— B, Parent

So Many Ways to Learn!

IEP Priority Guide!
Use the handouts to review your past IEP and select your parent priorities for the next year!
Parent IEP academy
Online course

The online course that turns overwhelm iThe online course nto confidence by providing actionable strategies about the IEP process, paperwork, culture and communication skills needed to be your child’s best advocate! Beth Liesenfeld, MOT, OTR/

Elevate Your Advocacy

Join me as I share what I’ve learned from parent advocates in my own experience, PLUS all kinds of special guests to help us understand the IEP process from others’ perspective!

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I'm Beth Liesenfeld, MOT, OTR/L

No one else looks out for you like you do. No one is looking out for your child like you do. @ParentFriendlyOT